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The purpose of our Healing Center is to minister to the needs of all Clients. We encourage our Clients - to let go and let God do the healing. Using a Biblical approach; we aim to successfully deal with emotional issues, break free from denial, understanding the healing power of forgiveness, and to develop new attitudes of thinking and living a Christ-centered life.

The Center has trained Certified Temperament Counselors, Clinical Biblical Counselors and anointed Pastoral Counselors - who counsels God’s people. Our center work in collaboration with other Certified Mental Health Professionals and Medical Doctors. We provide the following Biblical Counseling Services:

• Court Mandated Counseling for Offenders (We Provide Referrals/Outsourcing, etc.)

• Family and Youth-At-Risk

• Domestic Violence Preventions

• Emotional Healing

• Depression

• Anger Management

• How to Handle Stress/Depression

• Dealing with Grief

• Substance Abuse

• Pre-Marriage and Post Marital Counseling

  • Other Addictive Behaviors, etc.


Updated September 2021

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